JOB ADVERT: General Manager: Sensible Solar

General Manager: Sensible Solar

Location: Ballito, KZN
Salary: Negotiable based on qualifications and experience

Objective: Ensure our customers continue have an unbeatable experience from initial contact, sale, installation, handover and to long-term support.

  1. Driver’s license, experience in management, understanding of SIPOC / process management.
  2. Good communicator who has a strong work ethic and a desire to service customers efficiently.
  3. Oversee the procurement, logistics, scheduling & management of jobs with the Operations Coordinator(s) and a branch managers.
  4. Ensure all checklists are implemented throughout our sales, procurement, manufacturing and installation processes and that all processes are effectively scheduled to avoid delays or work stoppages.
  5. Manage the effective integration between the sales and installation teams, especially with respect to individual jobs and the customer experience.
  6. Ensure effective client liaison, take the lead on incident management or customer complaints / dissatisfaction.
  7. Maintain an effective process to logging, prioritisation and resolving installation snags and ongoing support issues.
  8. Maintain an effective process for ensuring tools & equipment are audit against a register and checked regularly for abuse or failure.
  9. Maintain sufficient stock of consumables and spare tools as informed by procurement trends and the tool maintenance process above.
  10. Develop processes to effectively manage properties including offices, warehouses and factories, ensuring facilities management, safety and other compliance obligations are met.
  11. Ensure effective internal and external communication is happening and escalate as necessary.
  12. Develop and improve systems, processes and procedures and put focus on the development of checklists to ensure effective implementation thereof.
  13. Improve systems and team efficiencies by identifying aspects of our operations that are unduly slow or inefficient and proposing improvements thereto.
  14. Manage the fleet of owned and/or leased vehicles in the fleet, ensuring regular checklisted inspections, servicing on schedule, first aid kits, spare tyres, tow hitches and trailer electrics.
  15. Oversee HR management and statutory compliance and in this and all areas listed above, motivate for and handle recruitment of a team required to efficiently manage the business.
  16. The business is growing quickly. Things will change, including your scope of work. You will need to roll with the punches.

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