JK DZ11 active balancer and Victron


Does anyone have any experience in connecting a JK Dz11 active balancer to Victron system.

Using Louis vdw plugin on a couple of JK BMS RS485 and working great but cant get the DZ11 to communicate with any thing.

Any thoughts would be great appreciated.



Welcome Richie.

@Louisvdw is here on this forum.

Many thanks.

It is just this unit - The JK BMS working fantastically with his software running in the Cerbo.



If the DZ11 follow the same communications protocol as the JK BMS then it will talk. I don’t have any spesific knowledge on the DZ11 ietself.

Many thanks Louis,

Will keep on playing around, My coding knowledge is not great.

I have found this info and my JK BMS on another project is working faultlessly so many thanks for that.

Comms Data DZ11

thanks again any help is much appreciated.