I’m planning to commission 2x separate 24V lifepo4 banks. Which BMS is recommended between the JK and JBD? I’m currently using JBD on another bank without issues so far. Apparently JK has an active balancer, other than that, what extra benefits does it have?

Some like the one and some the other. I have both.

The JKBMS app is nicer. It has less settings, but easier for beginners. The shunt and SOC calculation is not so accurate from what I can see. Bluetooth is integrated in all models as well as extra TTL UART

The JBD works very well. You can change most settings (if you have that app version). Shunt and SOC calc is much more accurate. Bluetooth is mostly extra model that plug into TTL UART. If you have a model that has RS485 extra you can do bluetooth and comms at the same time, else you need to swop them.

As long as the BMS has a balancer I would not care that much if it is active or passive. Passive remove energy to balance while active move energy to another cell, so it is a bit more energy efficient. Cool, but not critical - you normally have excess PV so the little saving is not really worth it I think.

Both work well. If you already have a JBD and are happy with it, then I would suggest you get another JBD. No reason to jump ship.


And if you still like the JBD, the new version has a passive AND active balancer, prewired.

Personally, for a lot of other reasons not applicable to most, I want to add a Neey, or as Andy from
The Offgrid garage calls them “Neeeeeeeyeee”. :wink:

If you buy the Apple version, you have all the control.
I dave the Andriod version that also has full function.

The Apple version beats the pants off all of the App.

O, the Overkill Andriod App is also really nice.

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Thanks for your inputs, I’ll go with the JBD.