JA solar panels - mini lithium batteries

I see a reference to ( Mike's (non-Sunsynk) System | MyBroadband Forum)

[14 x 455W JA Panels able to generate 2kw at 10pm!
It’s the latest with built in lithium mini batteries which then charge the main batteries.]

I have not seen this. I read the JA Solar site but don’t see any specs referring to such a feature?

Which JA solar panels have this?

It was a special production run made especially and importaed for Mike. They are being tested for possible future use in Musk’s Mars colony.

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Is this a serious question?

Yep because the guy states he has these and I checked but cant find anything like this.

Nobody stated he’s talking BS. Why I actually googled it.

In this day and age anything is possible.


I was searching like crazy. Even sent Jaco an email😁

April fools day is only in April :wink:

There is nothing special about batteries giving power at 10PM. Charging one battery with another would just introduce more loss.

The only place where this could be useful is if you only use a PV inverter as now the PV has it’s own battery.
But still why would you want to put all those small batteries in the heat and weather. I’d rather keep mine like they say on most lables (in a cool and dry place)

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It was a joke. If you read the rest of the post you quoted, the time on the inverter was not yet set. It was not really 10pm.

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People have done this with Tesla batteries and SolarEdge PV-inverters.