JA Solar 390w x4 for sale

4x JA Solar 390w
R1900 each
Kuils River, Cape Town
Like new, still running on my system

So few ads for PV panels one has to ask why someone would have 4 to sell?
PS: Having said that I sold 3x 250W panels for R1k a pop…

How old are they?

I might have a client that might be interested, can I maybe come and have a look at them, Why are you selling?

Why do I have 4? Because I bought 4, installed 4, running 4 currently and pulling max 1400w when the sun is out.
No specific reason why I have 4. :wink:

Welcome to come have a look yes, call or whatsapp.

Reason for selling:
Want to upgrade.
This was my first solar installation and deployment.
Want to go bigger and need more Sun power.

Great stuff!
I presume you’re feeding these into an inverter??
My inverter won’t start up unless I’ve got 8 panels :frowning:
I also have have 4 PV panels but these are for a Geyserwise Dual system…

He has a Victron 150/35 MPPT and they will work fine with these panels 2S2P

I will take the 4 panels, please PM me your number.