ISO: Victron 250/100 (swop for 250/85 plus cash) CLOSED

Hi All

I have a Victron 250/85Tr MPPT and find my array output is being limited by the 85a charge limit. I am looking for a 250/100Tr to exchange/sell and will pay the difference in cash value.

Its 10 months old and has a total yield of 4979kWh on the “clock”. No errors and never pushed very hard at all.

Few months back, I sold my 250/100, and bought a 250/85. :rofl:

I’d like to invite you to the first annual Time Travellers’ meeting, last Thursday at 12:00.


Does it need to be annual? Can’t we just arrange one, for all time?



Haha made me think of this: Stephen Hawking hosted a party for time travelers, but no one came | Mashable

Just revisiting this thread and want to convey my huge disappointment - in the missed chance as well as the “laughing emoji” :sweat_smile:

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The joke is, I sold it for the same price as a 250/85, could have done a direct swap with you.

Why did I do that … the 250/100 was never going to reach its full potential, the 250/85 was perfect for the array, with another 5-year warranty in place.


Also have an very good condition 150/60Tr (for sale/swop) in case this makes the negotiation easier.

Can I give this a bump. Maybe someone has a 150/100 Tr for me… Would also work as my max Voltage is around 120V.

Bumping this request. Will probably sell the 150/60 and looking for a 250/100 or a 150/100

I might be interested if you plan on selling it.

Hi All (bumping this again)

Anyone have a 2nd hand 150/100 or 250/100 Tr would be keen to sell/swop for 150/60 or 250/85.

Hi Mark, do you still have the 150/60? If so, how old is it and what do want for it?

Hi. Yes I do…

It’s the BlueSolar but I have it on the Cerbo so don’t need the Bluetooth function.

If I can find a 250/100 or 150/100 somewhere I would sell for around R7500 but need to confirm.

It’s about 2.5 years old and has the following usage:


Ok then. See how you go and bear me in mind if you manage to find what you are looking for.

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