ISO: Dual Core Solar Cable

This seems a hugely logical product to have available but it doesn’t seem to be available in SA.

Makes managing cable runs and strings so much easier. Any suppliers around who have or can source?

Question … because we have to put the cable runs in trunking, is it worth the extra cost?

New regulations will likely require steel conduit or trunking too, which will completely nullify the advantage of “twinflex” solar cable :slight_smile:

Still, I’ve often wondered why certain fairly common-sense products just cannot be found in SA. Just look at the state of RCBOs. Why can’t I walk into the local Voltex and buy a decent Hager RCBO…mmmmh? Is it really just that there is no demand, and since there is no demand, there is no supply which again causes no demand… etc etc?

Cause Voltex is “price sensitive”. Market-driven.

You know of these?

Cause I was looking at Hager end of last year.

I was just using an example… :slight_smile:

Another example would be those roof-entry adapters you use on a tile roof so the wiring can enter the roof neatly and without creating a leak. Ever try to buy one of those in SA? :slight_smile:

My container has docked two days ago. will have in stock before end of next week. @TheTerribleTriplet , the extra cost is very small. The cabe we bring in is TUV certified and has a proper AC and DC current carrying capacity. I am excited about this product.

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Will install much quicker than a bunch of loose wires. On bigger projects it will will be much cleaner and make fault-finding a lot easier. Cant wait for this.

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EM is a well known distro for non-“price-sensitive” customers… I usually order from them for the convenience of being able to do it online, (and being able to source Hager switchgear from them)

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Very keen to see price per meter. 4mm and 6mm :slight_smile:

Will post as soon as I have the final Clearance Cost.

The ECA recently opposed this steel issue, too much condensation and rust in certain areas!
So this is probably going to be tossed out the window as a base case.

Note that the H1Z cables (or the newest IEC standard) DC cables are double insulated (same seems to be the case for these cables referred to), in the IEC standard those do not even have to be in trunking!

@JacoDeJongh , if you do get the RCBOs, let me know… I would love to change my earth leakages to the correct and safest type. The problem is how do I get them into a f$^%$g samite board without those stupid plastic adapters and have them covered so as to not have open terminals…