Is legit?

Has anyone bought from EnergyTechStore and can confirm that it is a legit business?

The price that they have listed for the Freedom Won 5/4 Lite Home seems quite low compared to other online stores and makes it seem too good to be true.

The provided address appears to be inside an estate and there is no google streetview.

The domain was registered in 2011. That might be a good sign.

The domain is hidden behind cloudflare proxies, so don’t know who is doing the actual hosting.

The mail exchanger is hosted with Xneelo (aka Hetzner). Could be a good sign.

SSL cert is a cloudflare certain and does not verify the site.

The phone number ends with 7600. Sometimes that indicates a switchboard with a range of numbers.

Googling the phone number also hits Trade Deck LED lighting. Same company probably. This domain name is only a year old. Mail is also hosted with Hetzner.

No HelloPeter hits.

It could be legit… maybe…

The price on the battery appears to be 5k-7k lower than what google says it costs in most places.