Inverters designed for higher battery voltages

Is this a current trend?
Instead of the legacy 12V, 24V and 48V voltages it appears there are inverters capable of higher battery voltages thanks to Li-ion which dominates this industry.
This has advantages since if the PV and battery voltages can be similar it allows for a simpler and more efficient design…
See: Sunny Boy Storage: Cost-Effective Solution for Storing Solar Power - YouTube

I asked my connection in California. He says this about the Tesla batteries:
‘They are keepin it all at high voltage, 350DC is the norm’

BlueNova already has a range of high voltage batteries. A few years ago, someone married a Tesla HV battery to a SolarEdge inverter.

The SolarEdge inverter already works in a manner where it is fed with high voltage DC from the “optimisers” on the roof. Essentially there is a DC/DC converter below each panel that not only does duty as an MPPT, but also boosts the voltage to something that can be easily converted to grid voltage. You can apparently put a battery onto this HV “bus”. Of course this sort of setup provides no backup, it remains grid coupled, but it does prove the point.

Yup, because that is slightly higher than the peak voltage of a 240V RMS sine wave. So it is essentially the equivalent DC voltage you need to tie directly into the grid without another expensive boost stage.

@plonkster I think the FRONIUS SYMO HYBRID can do the same. I spotted the other day while checking there stuff.

Indeed. I saw someone selling a Fronius Hybrid on marketplace recently. It’s a three-phase model and as a result not of much use to me. My father was also very interested in a Fronius hybrid, but it was hard to get hold of one in Namibia. Make no mistake, allegiances and all that, Fronius makes excellent stuff. If you want to go with a higher voltage battery, that’s the one to go with.

I guess we spotted the same one then on market place. It catch my eye and did a bit of reading on this model. It’s a shame it’s a 3ph version.