Inverter not charging

Why would my inverter not be charging the batteries when it is on the generator? I have a Victron Quattro-II. The generator is on AC 2 and the generator on AC 1. The generator is an 8kVA one and its output is around 224V and naturally fluctuates a bit.

What should I be checking?

The charging issue is secondary. The inverter does not register the AC on either input 1 or 2 coming from the generator. Obviously it won’t charge the batteries if the is “no AC”.

However, when I connect to the console and go into the inverter, it shows “Active AC Input” as Disconnected, but AC-In L1 reads 225V. The frequency fluctuates quite a bit. Anywhere from 50Hz to 53.4Hz. Could this be it? Must the frequency be more stable before the inverter “accepts” it as grid power?

I think this is it. In the VE Configure app, I have the SA grid code selected and in its settings I the over freq. value is 52Hz.

So, my question is, with everything else left as is, can I change the grid code selection to “None” and use the default settings, i.e.

Accept wide input frequency range (45Hz-65Hz)
AC low disconnect: 180V, connect 187V
AC high disconnect: 270V, connect 265V

Note, I am not grid tied yet, so I have to manually switch over to the inverter/generator.

Yes. If you are not grid-tied, you are allowed to do that, and it may in fact be the only way to make it work.

As far as I know you can configure this per-input on the Quattro, so usually you’d put the generator on AC-in-1 and configure it rather promiscuously, and you’d put the grid on Ac-in-2 and configure it strictly according to the grid code.

(why generator on AC-in-1? Well, because that has priority. When two AC-inputs are both active, the Quattro selects the first one that is acceptable. By placing the generator on AC-in-1, simply starting the generator automatically uses it, without extra switching).

Thanks plonkster. It took a few tries, but the generator is charging the batteries now.

We had a cable theft, so I have been off for 14h so far. The generator should hopefully not be needed often.

I will play a bit when I have more time to dial everything in.

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