Inverter compatibility with Lithium batteries

I have a budget 5kva Fivestar inverter and enquire whether any make of 48v 100ah lithium battery could be connected to it.

Technically, as long as you match the voltage requirements, you can connect any inverter to your 48V battery. I have a friend who connected a very cheap 24V inverter to a Pylontech UP2500, and because the inverter has a charge profile (selectable with DIP switches) that matches the voltage the battery wants, it worls just fine for her.

What you have to keep in mind is:

  1. Stability may be impacted. The BMS in the battery has no way to tell the inverter to slow down charging or discharging, so when the battery needs to protect iself it has only one way of doing it: Switching off.
  2. Warranty of the battery may be impacted. The manufacturer may deny a claim because it was used with a non-supported inverter.

If you’re okay with that, you can for example use a Pylontech battery (which wants a charge voltage of 52.8V to 53.2V), configure the inverter to charge to about that voltage, and it will work. Sort of…