Hi everyone.

New to this forum but really hope to learn a lot here and be able to share my experiences as well being fairly new to grid tied, but not solar setups per se.

Living in Pretoria and have recently bought and installed a Victron system myself, which is where most of my questions will come from, not being sure if I did everything correct, lol!

Anyway, thanks to TTT who I’m had met a couple of months ago and who has been expertly guiding me thus far.

Have a great day everyone, I will be posting a burning question very soon!


Victron is usually fairly stable / conservative with defaults, so should be good unless you did something silly :wink:

There you go … let the questions start, for I don’t have all the answers for SwartKat, but I know where the answers are. :smile:

Thanks guys.

Let me just see where the applicable section to my issues will be and I’ll post away!

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