Introducing shanghailoz

Guess this is people moving over from PF?

Some small mutterings about things not copacetic on mybb for certain forum members and PF, so guessing thats why.

Anyway, enough about things that are not me related.


I’ve been fiddling with Solar systems here since early 2010 era.
From my first 3 phase setup, through to my offgrid setup.

I blogged about a lot of that over at

Some of my installs are also catalogued on the other power forum :slight_smile:

I’ve also been passing out solar advice on mybb for at least a decade as lsheed_cn (its not an i, its an l :slight_smile: )

So anyway, hello everyone!

No not really, its just people choosing a different place to share info. I guess most of us still have our accounts over there, but only log in from time to time. Its a long unpleasant story, and i truly hope its not told in public on this forum.

Never the less, welcome Loz, glad you joined us.


and I must first head over to google… :face_with_monocle: … well what do you know, this forum is useful for more than learning about inverters and such… :+1:

A story is out there at least. - you know the thread.
You commented on that thread, as did plonkster and a few others.

Most of the replies were positive (re: you, and negative re: others), including mine.
No need to repeat it here, anyway!


My contrafibularities!

Don’t feel bad, I did too! :joy:

Let me add my 2 cents. The intention was never to start a competing platform out of spite or some other bitter emotion. I was quite content to put this one along with the other communities I outgrew. The trouble is, I kinda like the banter and the innovation and creativity of others, and helping people. So here we are…


I spotted something on MBB and this person was blablablablabla blablabla about you and I’m like. Hhhhhhhmmmmmmm. Ok. Time to move on. I Like the new platform and I think this will work nice.