Introducing jykenmynie

Well then, let me introduce myself!

At this moment in time, I am a 31 year old actuary, husband to a wife who is also an actuary, father to a 5 and a half month old daughter and two English Springer Spaniels (3 and 2 years of age, respectively).

My interests include, but are not limited to:

  1. Reading
  • Fantasy and a little science fiction or science fantasy
  • Some history
  1. Music
  • Playing piano, currently frustratingly poor
  • Playing guitar, even worse
  • Listening to music over the best speaker system I could justify buying. Going exceptionally well all thanks to my excellent taste!
  1. Computer hardware and games (for which I get minimal time)
  2. Camping and hiking (for which I get zero time)
  3. Independence of the electricity grid and home automation! (though I have yet to find time to start with the latter)

I don’t get enough time anymore to pursue my love for squash and don’t have enough money to pursue my love for cars.

What I hope to gain from this forum is to be part of a community who shares ideas, provides feedback on my stupid plans and try (with my non-existent ability, that hopefully grows over time to something approximating mediocrity) to help other members starting down the route of living more efficiently.


En daar word jykenmynie noukenonsjouook. :laughing:

Haha! Ek hoop om nie so eenvoudig te wees as om in ongeveer 5 paragrawe opgesom te word nie! :sweat_smile:

Heng o maggies nee!
Toe ek so lees van jou, en die pennie drop, toe bars ek uit vd lag en moes net daai post. :wink:

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That was the last conversation we had over on the other side :slight_smile:

I actually have some classical training, complete with Unisa Grade 4 for practice and theory. Then I finished school… and didn’t touch a piano for over a decade. Then one day I saw a piano for sale, bought it ,and got back into it. So now I try to play at least 30 minutes a day, which is not nearly enough to get good at it, but I am slowly getting somewhere again.

It was indeed! I sent you one more DM on the topic of our old piano at home but I presume you don’t check those anymore.

I was wrong about the brand, it is a Fritz Kuhla, imported from East Berlin around 1899/1900. After reading that you said the piano can go into disrepair by standing, I immediately contacted my mom to tell her to get the tuner to come out and have a look! Which reminds me, I need to follow up…

I played until matric (took music as a subject) but only played UNISA grade 6/7 (theory definitely only to grade 6, think my practical I did 7) when I was in standard 8. I was way too busy to learn a whole sonata off by heart for grade 8! Thereafter I rarely played, still a little bit in first and second year of university, but the residence’s piano was a disaster, so I bought a guitar and started playing on that.

Guitar is great and all, but it kinda necessitates singing (unless you are crazy skilled), which is an instrument I never developed much (trying to now - vocal chords are actually really interesting!), so I never took it too seriously.

Now I started piano again! On and off, no set routine. My daughter seems to sometimes (keyword here) like to sit on my lap and listen to me play. So I think when she is a bit older, we both will start playing more seriously again. I’ll have time again, and she’ll be capable.

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It’s like a music note that fades slowly when you keep that pedal thing down and no note follows… :notes: :musical_note:
I though it was my lack of music knowledge that let the people fade on the other side. “Luke, Come over to the dark side” :smiley:

PS. No music rhythm this side. I can only play Joyful Joyful on the guitar.

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Welcome Louis! Has the slow trickling over started? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Do we need to invite John Edward to facilitate communication now?

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Aaaaaa @Stanley !!! Nice. You here to!!! I actually wanted to send you invite but I see you founed your way.

Hey @Gman , good to see you here as well.

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@Stanley Drop you a msg on the other platform on a old post quickly.