Introducing Deon_in_ZA

Hi everybody,

Just a brief intro as to who I am. Born tinkerer, who got stuck working in finance all my life, who was lucky enough to raise two great children and have two awesome grand children, staying right next door. Life is good.

I come from a family of people who like working with their hands, so when I bought my house a few years ago, I only looked at garage space, while leaving the rest to my wife. Was lucky enough to end up with a large enough work space (not a garage, as there are no cars in it, just my wife’s F650), where I can play on an old Myford ML7 metal lathe and also playing on a wood lathe. Too many shelves of interesting electronic projects/gadgets/yet to do’s ( like aluminium casting) but I enjoy it.

Always interested in solar and started with a small 12v system, just for outside lights and modem backup during loadshedding. Finally took the plunge earlier this year, when Jaco installed my Goodwe system and two retrofit ET geyser systems. Very happy with how everything is working and will be looking into home automation later on.