Insurance company CIB now suddenly deciding they want additional papers and not happy with CoC on record for last 4 yrs


so when i had the entire system installed i shared what i installed and my CoC at the time.

They suddenly don’t know what was installed and wanted a BOM.
Also decided the CoC is not good enough. At the time I had a sparky rewire the old DB into a larger DB and this then included the inclusion/connection of the inverter.
they now saying based on the fact that it did not specifically stipulate that a inverter was added/wired that that CoC is not good enough…

Seems insurance companies changing the rules as/when it suits them.
At this rate I’m going to look for a new Instance Company/brokerage.

From what I read here … the insurers are getting wiser.

When we insured our system, the insurer wanted details … not just a lumpsum of what we wanted to insure. Details.

Insurers are no fools … to keep the prices down, they need to do proper underwriting. Know what they are insuring. The risk factor.

On top of that, their re-insurers, they also want to make sure the risk they cover is properly underwritten.

Take cars for an example… not all cars are equal. Not all cars have local parts. Not all cars are the same age … they need to know how much they need to put into the “pot” to cover the clams, the IBNR.

Not to forget, insurers are also very skittish with politics … so there is that too. Higher risk of instability, and they need to underwrite that differently.

Relax. Give them the full details. Cross the I’s, and dot the T’s properly. :slight_smile:

The CoC … let the sparkie sort that for you … he was paid.

That’s often the surest way to make them disappear. Pay them.

Sparkie was paid, sparkie long gone. to get a new CoC cost me $$$… all while they had a CoC on record since 2019,

And they were told at time exactly what was bought… send them a full BOM.