Input from grid <> total consumption

Why the input from grid <> total consumption.
With nothing going to batteries or non essential.


Powering the inverter, I would guess.
Pretty sure mine has a standing consumption of ~50W

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Yup. Takes about 30W or so to power a 3kVA. This is basically bang on.

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Mark noticed for some reason system is only reporting one module under batteries.
Need to figure out why…
Plonkster, any ideas ?
did start all 3 batteries. and all 3 charged.
got the set set to keep charged to force it to balance, will switch to “maintain battery life” once I get back,.

Maybe only one of them has firmware new enough? Totally guessing here.

Remember I had the 2 us2000’s, seem to remember seeing one then also.
And now the us3000 was added.

Mark suggested a Venus reboot next week when I’m back.
Will get family to load the system today to then look via LED’s to confirm all 3 batteries are active/power level dropping.


Interestingly, the popular Chinese-made hybrid inverters usually report self-consumption as part of critical loads so it is obscured from the user.

For some reason I assumed that it would self-consume from the battery and then top up the battery. But I don’t see the 30W going into the battery so I assume the self-consumption and subsequent charging is cancelling out on the battery side and so we are left with the import vs. critical to show self-consumption (and about a 10% conversion loss)?

The first Growatt inverter I had only topped up the batteries after it used about 5% charge for self-consumption. So Victron balances this on the fly rather than periodically?

It has AC sensors in a few places and simply does the math between input and output. 30W more goes in than comes out. In a manner of speaking, it’s being completely honest :slight_smile: