Information about the RCT MP-T2000S inverter battery

Hi everyone, new user here. I bought the RCT MP-T2000S a few months back, but the manual is rather horrible and I was unable to get any decent info from RCT over the phone. I emailed RCT but am yet to get a reply, so I thought I would ask anyone here if they have any info about this inverter/battery unit.

The inverter comes with 2x12v Oliter 100Ah 12V valve regulated sealed gel batteries, and being gel batteries I know that sooner rather than later they will die so I want to plan ahead, and maybe replace them.

So here are the questions I have:

  • What is the open circuit voltage for panels? In the manual (page 19) it lists "MPPT Voltage Range of 30V-100VDC, does this mean the VOC (open circuit voltage) is at max 100VDC?
  • The manual (page 15) has a battery protection table that seems to be based on a 12V battery (e.g: says over voltage protection kicks in when 16.8(volts i assume?) is reached), but the T2000 is a 24V battery setup, so this table (page15 in manual) must be wrong. Do you have the correct info for a 24V setup?
  • The manual (page 9) has a table for the charge voltage. This has values like 54.8v which is clearly an incorrect voltage to charge a 24v battery. I haven’t touched this setting (as I don’t want to mess the battery up) but I want to know if you can manually input a voltage e.g: 25.4v or 25.5v etc or if there are presets only which can be selected. If there are only presets, what are they?
  • How long do you recommend I run a De sulphation cycle for? And what voltage for a 24V battery? The manual says 4 hours at 58v (this must be incorrect for a 24v battery surely?).
  • What is the charge current (amps) for ac charging? The manual says you can change the % of current but what is the % based on? (again I don’t want to go into the setting on my inverter because I might put the incorrect setting on).
  • How many 12v 100ah batteries can I add to the inverter? (Keeping it in a 24v configuration). I heard it is 12 x the charge current of the inverter somewhere on the net (the manual doesn’t give the ac charge current).
  • Can I use lithium ion or iron phosphate (LIFEPO4) batteries (with a built in BMS) in this inverter? I read with some inverters like the Mecer 1200VA 720W 12V Inverter, you can add Lithium batteries like the Hubble s100 with a build in BMS.
  • With my unit, when load shedding/mains power is off, the display keeps saying the battery is at 100% until power comes on, then the % drops (to the correct % i think) e.g: 76% and goes up very quickly back to 100% (in like 2/5 mins)

I don’t expect all these to get answered, but speaking with RCT on the phone today, the guy was pretty much clueless and couldn’t give me anything (hopefully they will reply to my email). So any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, did you get any feedback? Maybe from another forum? I have a similar inverter/battery unit as yours. I have the Kool energy 1kW with the same 2x12V Oliter 100Ah batteries. They also look identical in images I have seen besides yours being able to do 2kW. I bought mine Dec 2021. The batteries are dead, I only use it for my office; PC, 2 monitors and router&ONT device.

  • I experience the same with the display. Shows 100% during load shedding then when the power goes back on the actual (I think as well) shows on the screen. Also takes like less than 5min to show it is back to 100% again.

  • I am also wondering about the Hubble S100/S120 lithium batteries being compatible with the inverter.

  • Assuming yours is the same, it shows 7 preset charging voltage settings, GEL U.S.A, A.G.M.1, A.G.M.2, GEL EUROPEAN, OPEN LEAD ACID, CALCIUM(OPEN), DE SULPHATION CYCLE 15.5 FOR 4 HRS. Charging voltages are 54.8, 53.6, 54.8, 55.2, 54.4 and 58 respectively. Same as your manual this has to be wrong as this is a 24V battery setup. My value in the P2 options menu which if for the charging voltage settings as mentioned above is set to 27.6V.

  • I am also confused with regard to the charging current as you mentioned. The P3 setting can only be adjusted in percentages. 5 preset values are available: 100,80,60,40,20%. Would it be the same as the MPPT Solar input rated charge current of 30A (max). Would it then be 20%=6A, 40%=12A, 60%=18A, 80%=24A and 100%=30amps? The original value was set to 100% on my unit.

Any advice would really be appreciated.

I was just wondering if you have tried connecting LIFEPO4 batteries with a built in BMS to RCT MP-T2000S and whether it worked?