Huawei Power-M

Look as this slick inverter.

Nice unit to install in your home, flat or office.

  • Noise level < 2dB

  • Up to three 5kw inverters in parallel.

  • Up to 45kwh backup battery.

  • .5C 5kwh HV battery (460volt)

  • All cables hidden within inverter covers with back exit for a nice clean install.

  • 2 PV inputs for connecting 2 string to the max of 5500whp.

  • Floor or Wall mount

  • Fireproof battery cabinet with internal fire suppression system.

My first battery backup install with one of these units took me less than 2 hours.

Huawei iSitePower-M Datasheet (2).PDF (540.1 KB)

5kw inverter with 10kwh storage will cost you R110k inclusive. 50 Units in Stock.