HP Microserver Gen 8 8 GB Ram ECC

Hi ya all, looking for 2 x 8Gb Ram for this box please, to become a Media player/NAS.

2 × 8GB, 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM 1333 (PC3 10600) ECC, non buffered

Please let me know

You are going to struggle a bit Sarel as it requires Unbuffered ECC memory which is not that common and won’t work if the memory does not fit regulation.

Can use DDR3-1333 or 1600

Best place to check for compatibility I found was https://memory.net/product-category/hpe/proliant/microserver-gen8/

I did manage to get some from a guy in Pretoria North by the name of Emmanuel +27 60 716 5107 who sells second hand stuff on FB Marketplace, maybe he can help you.

Buffered ECC memory is pretty easy to find but will not work BTW

Here is the list of confirmed memory that works (just scroll down to the Gen 8 section at the bottom)

I have the Gen 7 and for those you don’t need ECC. I swopped my 2Gb ECC module with normal memory which works fine. Your model cannot work with non ECC unfortunately.

PS. Look around that wiki. There is some good hacks, mods, upgrades and information available for the HP Microservers.

Is this because of FreeNas requirements? I think it would be easier to move to software that doesn’t require ECC.

Nope, it is a hardware requirement in the case of this Server. I will not boot without ECC, and like nScoobs said, buffered is also a no go.


Yes that site is well trawled :slight_smile:

Oh, in this case, Carbonite is your friend. But such a pain on that requirement.