Howzit from muldersdrift - DIY install

It might work but I was told that a off grid move out and a normal move out are different. Accounts lady said that usually they will only proceed with the move out when there is another account with a move in reference. For off grid “move out” there is no “move in” to follow so they have to capture it as a off grid move out, if that makes sense.

Also the transformer feeds a couple of houses around me, it just has cables going to numbered kiosks with the meters inside. They want to remove kiosk and cable to it, guess they don’t want any illegal connections afterwards.

Well, that would place the leaving tenant in a pickle.
As the landlord, I know there has been redecorating and readvertising time in between tenants.
I am pretty sure I would have heard something if I had been tying up the previous tenant’s R20K+ deposit.

Thats what I was told :man_shrugging:
What happens if meter is not switched off between tenants who pays the units then if there is a open account?

It is the departing tenant’s own electricity account and his deposit.
That’s why I am saying he has no say whether I as landlord relet the place and when.
My agreement with the previous tenant doesn’t include a commitment to relet my property.
ESKOM won’t get it from me as I have no agreement with ESKOM.
So I don’t see how ESKOM can withhold the previous tenant’s deposit.
(And I don’t think that they do, otherwise, I think I would’ve heard about it, in 20 years of letting the property).

They probably just used last reading for the move out tenant and started with same reading for move in and nobody really noticed if there were a few units different on the move in account.

All I know is they kept asking me who was moving in so they can open account.
I was also told that in a move out they supposed to do an inspection and reading and switch off power, if they do this at your place then it makes sense. As it would have to be switched back on for move in.

anyway dont shoot the messenger I’m just posting my experience.

I am very glad you posted your experience because I don’t intend to get caught for 2.7K the same way.
As to actually removing the cable, I witnessed the upgrade of a 50kVA to a 100kVA supply.
That needed about 60m of heavier cabling. I don’t know what the upgrade cost, but it no doubt wasn’t cheap.
The old cable was not recovered by ESKOM, but after a few months, it was dug up and repurposed by the customer. That was over 10 years ago, no one from ESKOM ever enquired after it.