How where do i see exact Pylontech model

want to see exactly which US2000 I have…

Product Id reads B009
dbus-spy reports 45-65


0xB009 is used for ALL pylontech batteries, so unfortunately this doesn’t tell you anything. There is nothing on the CAN-bus that provides that information anyway, so even if we wanted to… we cannot.

I think only a visual inspection and/or their own batteryview software can tell you this.

what software is this, is it available to public ?


I have no idea. In the past I always got a copy of the software with new firmware, and I always had to ask for it. There are copies on the internet, perhaps even on this forum, but I cannot advise people to download random software off the internet and try it. Best bet is Pylontech service. Unless another forumite knows?

I think you can also get that info from the console port on the battery, if you know what you are doing. I don’t know how to, unfortunately.

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