How to Maximize use of solar panels ? "save batteries"

Good day,

I have a 3F island system with multiples. I am looking for a solution to turn on the 3F 6.6kw water heating in each phase depending on the available power on the roof…

So, if the power is available at 2.2kw, turn on 1F, when 4.4kw turn on the other phases, etc. and adapt according to the sun that shines so that the battery is stretched and uses the sun at 100%

Thank you for any tips and advice on how to solve it, either externally or via node-red. :slight_smile:

Just as an aside, the forum flagged your post for being suspiciously fast in typing it, so it makes you look like a bot… did you copy paste it from the same post posted elsewhere? Nothing wrong with that, just curious, because we see this more often these days :slight_smile: