How to connect VRM to Ewelink

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Have anyone linked VRM software to Ewelink or Home assist

I would like to switch on outside lights only when grid fails. And at night. Ewelink can handle that. Need a message from vrm

Is this possible?

The easiest is to configure homeassistant to see your GX device using modbus, eg:

  name: venus
  type: tcp
  port: 502
    - name: multistate
      unique_id: multistate
      slave: 237
      address: 31

Then refer to the modbus tcp document you can download from the Victron website as to what the values for register 31 means, but basically if the state=9, it means the Multi is in inverter mode.

The slave (or unitid is more politically correct) also depends on the hardware you’re using. On the GX device, look on the modbus page under Services, it has a list of known services there where you can see the unitid of the Multi.

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I use Victron hardware

So the need for home assistant is growing

That’s pretty much one of the reasons why Home Assistant is so popular - it allows different ecosystems (e.g. Ewelink, Tuya, Modbus/Victron) to co-exist and talk to one another.

Just also check out NodeRED, now part of Venus OS Large AND one can update the firmware of the Venus, without NodeRED being affected. Something I was holding out for, and now it is done.

All the Victron interfaces are already built in for us to just use.

Victron/solar-related controls on the Venus NodeRED, and non-Victron-related stuff on like HomeAssistant, also an idea to ponder on.

It looks like someone has made Ewelink nodes for Node-Red.

So yes, that’s also an option.

I am trying to install node-red-contrib-ewelink on NodeRed, which is running on my Venus. I have installed a few other nodes/modules, and they all installed fine. It’s only the ewelink that’s giving me lip. See attached screenshots. Does anyone have some advice please?