How much more do I now need to spend?

I have recently commissioned a PV hot water system and it’s taking care of (all) my energy requirements for this.
This reduced my electricity bill substantially. Now I use is less than R20/day
Can I (financially) justify another project?

Have you got water backup? If not happy spending.

Yeah, it’s something that always sits with you, spends a little more, get a little more off grid. The ROI just goes out the window.

Sometimes, ROI is meaningless… You spend as much as makes sense, or, as much as you must. All this spending is almost always much more than we want, can justify, can defend, or just plain have.

The convenience, and assurance of self reliance, cannot be measured.



Agree, I know in my mind that my system will never pay itself off. But another battery would be nice too.

PV is addictive :smiley:
I think it the thought of generating something from nothing and because the expenditure is a large capital upfront cost and then very little or no running cost it is a great feeling.

I decided from the start I was going to try and keep to my original goal, which was to have a battery backup with a way to repay that cost.
At an average monthly power cost of R300 in my prepaid meter I am trying not to upgrade my 2kW PV array, but it is difficult to stay strong.

The pain of all that money you put down back in the day is usually long forgotten by the time you get the (now much lower!) bill, or you sail through load shedding unaffected, or (in a few years from now maybe) you are looking at an electric vehicle, and you already have most of what you need to practically drive for free. There is a certain amount of “future proofing” in this, and it is difficult to put a price on that.

ROI is just one of the “tests” we want to pass. If we fail that one, it’s not necessarily a complete failure.


Yes I agree. For me it is the ROI against the goal. If the goal change then you have to adjust and then also recalculate the new ROI.
I’m just glad my neighbour’s surname is not Jones :laughing:

Yeah screw that guy… though in my area, it seems I’m Jones, at least as far as PV goes. I’m still a member of the resistance in other areas though. Specifically cars. I care little about keeping up with the Fortuner/Land Cruiser Brigade at school drop-off/pick-up. Thankfully it’s a public school. I hear that the minimum requirement for drop-off at Curo is 1) 'n Range Rover Sport, 2) a petite blonde wife, 3) dressed in exercise clothes, since she’s going to the gym right after…

@Louisvdw But we all have virtual neighbors and that’s the issue.
Just read what others are doing on the forums - I’m in huge trouble :wink:

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This certainly won’t pass the ROI test.

I hear you. That is hard to keep up.
That might be why I don’t like Facebook and much more prefer the normal and tinkering people on a forum like this.

To get back to @Richard_Mackay question of how much more to spend?
If we could sell our extra PV easily, then I would say go bonkers.

@TheTerribleTriplet What was your saying the other day of my setup. :laughing: :laughing:

Hahahah!! That’s the problem, some neighbour’s don’t like competition.

Actually told a new Victron client, Jaco did the install, who went to see Gerlach’s setup. He was really impressed. I told him, do NOT compare Gerlach to what you need, even want. No, just don’t go there. That is “Gerlach” level.

The rest of us have NEEDS, WANTS, HOBBY level … until I had to add the “Gerlach” level. :laughing:

BUT, having seen the setup, I get it.

If you have the cash, can DIY it yourself to his level, that neat, then future proof it all at today’s rates and be done. AND, Gerlach did it in bits and pieces, but it was done with careful shopping, knowing the bargains, doing a lot of footwork in between and learning every step of the way.

No, I’m not blowing smoke up his … for some early parts of it I was there. His MLT’s, I’m impressed. Bugger Axperts, get 2nd hand MLT’s!

Why future-proof now, using Plonksters term, methinks, after 2 EVE price increases in months, the import drama’s, the Chinese production, Covid still handled over there quite harshly, the LS events when we ordered the BMS’es, is to hedge your bets that it will get more expensive versus it getting cheaper.

Now add Ukraine to the mix.

I think the cheap panel prices and cells have had a good run. Time for some increases. Inverters, still in the doldrums ito price, but I think price increases are coming to a shop near you in the near future.

We have had a good run BC (Before Covid).

I HOPE I’m wrong. Time will tell.

Those are my thoughts Richard.

Its a fact, was once there to do a quote on items, and that is how things are.
Poppies in SUV going to gym. Mooi was nog nooit lelik nie!

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Electronic parts have gone up. Expect between 3% and 8% increases on electronic items in the near future…

Amen brother. As long as you eat at home.

HAHahahah!! ek moet net!!

Aaah millenials. Always acting like they rent the place…

Sometimes I don’t think people think before they react. Or perhaps it is just the Me Me Me (and I) mentality. :slight_smile:
We get people at the squash club shouting all sorts of demands, and I just shake my head and say: “Dude we are al volenteers. No one gets payed to do stuff for you.”
(Now I officially sounds like @TheTerribleTriplet :smiley: )

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