How did you do it?

So after a 3 month wait my solar panels are finally ready for collection and I’m starting to plan the install.

Question for all of you guys who did your own or supervised/closely inspected your panel installation, how did you route the solar cables into your roof space. I’ve seen pics of all sorts of installs, from holes drilled straight through the roof (tiles and steel) and plugged with silicon, to fancy tile replacement panels with rubber nipple type thingummy’s for the cable to go through, and all sorts of methods in between.

Please share your method and provide pics if you have any. Thanks in anticipation.

Remove a tile, grind a bit of the bottom lip and let your wires pass through there, no leaks ever. Assuming you have a tile roof.

Sort of depends on what roof you have and the slope, single story, double story house, etc.

I initially ground the tiles a bit and then fed the cables through but afterwards I read about having cables in metal conduit so I then drill a hole through the ridge of the tile and fed the metal sprag through and waterproofed afterwards. This was under a panel so out of direct sunlight.

I also did not drill through the waterproofing membrane under the tiles but rather fed the cables upwards in the ceiling so that if water did come through, it would flow down the sheeting.

what about risk of damage to the cable against the tile with expansion/contraction… or is there quite a bit of play without pressure on the cables?