How big is your electrical room?

Hi all
Doing building alterations so want to build a little dedicated space for a future inverter setup.

Fortunately we are past the days of huge lead acid battery banks, so how much space does your setup take up, how big should you say I should make this space?
With in reason of course, 1x 2m, bigger, 2 x 2m?

Thinking ventilation as well, but for safety I don’t think it will be wise to give it a outside window, so maybe I should just put in a decent extractor fan from the start and then later add fans as needed.

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2m x 2m but with an outside window is by vote…
Close (or at) the main DB and ideally in or next to garage.

My setup fits in a 48U server rack. It could have been smaller, that’s just what I got my hands on at the time. It sits in the corner of the laundry room, only a few meter from the main DB, and right under the north-facing roof with the larger half of the PV. Sadly the garages are all somewhat far away, so that was not an option. The downside is that if you are in the kitchen around noon, you do hear the fans running, but it is not too big a problem.

AT this property close to any of the 3 DB’s is going to be a problem, so I’ll have to work around that.

As far as I could gather from the 3 phase on the Escom pole it splits off to 3 different DB’s.
One DB is outside sort of in the middle of nowhere inside a electrical box, then there’s a DB in each of the 2 houses.
Problem with the DB’s in the houses is they are in stupid positions, sort of in the middle of the open plan kitchen / living room against a wall, there will be no space for even a single server rack close to them.
The garage and other store room is again far from big roof space, which will result in long DC cable runs for the panels.

My setup takes about 2m3 cube of space, but it is open to use the hole garage’s ventilation.

If you DBs are in strange positions, remember that on the other side of the wall is also very close. It helps if you look at your house plans to find the closest space.

For me to get to the garage I had to drill through a side wall, down the back of a cupboard and thenthrough the floor and then 1.5m to the garage

My whole setup is in the scullery. It was very convenient because the DB is in the kitchen, just on the other side of a wall, so my cables go up into the ceiling and then back down again less than 1m away. The Inverter, mppt and all the associated circuit breakers, fuses, change-over etc. are wall mounted. The only floor space used is by my battery.