Home brewed power meter

While reading the other current thread on power factor measurements, I thought of my home brew power meter, that I use for very basic “on the bench” checks.

I bought a handful of these rail mount ABB energy meters ABB energy meter from Carl on the other forum and have been playing around with their adjustable alarm outputs.

They have quite a lot of information they can display, so I decided to mount one in a project box, with a short length of plug wire for input and a double plug as output, with two spring loaded cable connectors on the side, for low wattage testing.

Now I can basically measure the voltage, amps, wattage and power factor, for any piece of equipment I restore.



Very nice! What’s the max amps it can measure?

Rated Current (In): 40A.

The only downside to this meter is the tiny display, but for the price, I can live with that.