Home assistant solar monitoring desktop. 123 Bootstrap

I am working towards a desktop for monitoring your Deye/Synksynk Solar system. It was a bit of a rush but and have managed to publish the first version. It requires https://www.home-assistant.io/ as the base system that you can host inside a VM or on any old computer/rasp pi or laptop. Home assistant runs fine on a low powered computer with 1GB ram.

The release contains a backup that will give you a starting point so you do not start from scratch. Even if you do not have a Deye computer some parts of the desktop might be usable to improve your desktop

Updates will follow in this thread once I get back from my hiking trip

I just published a new release

Telegram integration
*Upgraded the power flow card to the latest version
*Renamed some confusing energy/power entities
*Split everything into respective config files so that users will also know where to copy paste bits for their own setup
*Added boilerplate for telegram integrations and automations to aid the setup
*Telegram setup instructions added

I published a new version

*Fixing the automations that set the time to/from the inverter (on the time of use menus). There was a syntax error.
*Fixing entity names not matching the deyeSmartDongle
*Adding an automation to export to non-essentials during the day and to essentials at night. By default it is disabled but with a single click it can be enabled.
*Upgrading the power flow card to 1.6.3 and adding the new entities to the display
*Updating the documentation to pull values from the sunsynk cloud
*Installing a loadshedding integration that works with https://sepush.co.za/ (you need to register for your own api token, there is a free option for non-commercial use)
*This backup was made on Home Assistant 2023.6.1. I strongly suggest you upgrade to at least the same version or later before you restore