Home Assistant - Paradox Alarm

The Home Assistant and its capabilities got me shocked (in a most positive way)

Has anyone successfully integrated the Paradox IP150 into home assistant?
I read how to do it but I am failing…and I also don’t really understand the MQTT stuff

Can anyone shed some light please? :smiley:

@C.Potgieter Will be able to assist you here.

Ill have to refresh my memmory, ive helped someone in the past with a paradox yes


What have you tried, what have you setup?
Where are you failing?

Ok, so I spent quite a few hours on this

I setup the MQTT Mosquitto broker, tested it and it looks like its working
I then configured the IP150 integration and I do have the alarm status as an option but it doesn’t really work as intended.
As per the screenshots, I managed to get the “panel” but, even after putting my pin, this does not arm or disarm anything.
Seems as its not communicating…and there is almost nothing more online that I can read to try and figure this out :frowning:

It also seams as the Paradox IP150 MQTT Adapter is not expecting a specific web page (the on from once you login to IP150 via the browser)…
I am running v1.38 of IP150 so not the new stuff.