Home Assistant conference

I missed this completely, but it happened last night. There is a youtube stream of it. I’m told Victron features in it very prominently :slight_smile:

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Yeah I’m sorry I missed it too. Had the time and could easily attend.

Did you find where in the session were Victron stuff?

I also see that they decided to go for a new versioning system – now doing yyyy.mm.patch version instead of the major.minor version scheme. Thereby neatly side-stepping the whole “when are you going to version 1.0” question :slight_smile:


EDIT: Oh and they launched their own hardware: https://www.home-assistant.io/blue/

Seems to start around 1h in.

My colleagues actually alerted me about this. It’s not going unnoticed by big blue… :slight_smile:

And on its way

Where did you order it, I can’t seem to find the correct place…

From here:

But looks like they out of stock. They didn’t joke when they said it’s a limited offer

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If you can’t buy the bundle anymore, you can just buy the board and get someone to print you the case. I’m sure someone will publish the case 3D plans soon.

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This was quite interesting, the guy who said: I’m sitting here in the dark in my toddler’s room because the light is controlled by @Google Home. Rethinking… a lot right now.

Must say, ain’t ever gonna happen with Google taking charge of my home, nor Home Assist. :slight_smile:

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This is one place where I like BMW: Their philosophy on control. They always resist calls from governments/well-meaning-citizens to have speed governors fitted, simply because it is best to let the driver be in full control.

This is actually why I like home assistant. It is not a cloud based service. It is local. And if it does break, I can take manual control.

On that topic, I also think carefully when I configure a sonoff about what its default state should be. For some appliances, especially geysers, I’ve set them to default to on (rather than off or the last value). If something goes wrong with the automation, I want a simple power cycle to return it to normal operation rather than leave people without hot water (should I be away).

I also make sure the little black button on the Sonoff doubles as a switch, so it can be manually switched.


I definitely like HA for the same reason – local control. That’s literally why I started investigating HA and Tasmota in the first place:

2+ years ago I got wind of the Sonoffs and thought it would be cool to have one on my borehole pump (I’m lazy – that way I can switch off the pump and move hoses around without having to walk to the front of my house).

I had the POW with the original eWelink firmware for a week – and then eWeLink had a server outtage. Couldn’t control the bloody pump (I don’t think even the button worked!). Flashed Tasmota a couple of days later!

I just got it today. Way more elegant than my RPi4 taped to an SSD.


I envy you, nice unit though…