High Voltage DIY battery

Hi All Starting a thread on building high voltage (approx 550vdc) battery to go with likes of ATESS HPS30/50 hybrid inverters. The immediate challenge seem to be the BMS. Most rated only up to 72v and from some research seem like need to use number of smaller/lower voltage BMS’s that coordinate/parallel… Configs such as master/slave, distributed, etc. come up. Anyone have background or knowledge on this?

Saw this just now - 32 cells 96v:

You can get modular cell-top BMSs like:

Then you just need to source a relay/contactor that can handle the full voltage and current.

Haai Justin Thanks - looks interesting! I’ve sent them a mail with few questions. Regards A

Still only takes me to 96v and then what?

We stick to 48v systems. :laughing: