👀🎧HiFi & other AV forum

Many on here knows of AVForums and may even be regulars there. Recently the owner sold the forum to some offshore interests and most of the admins and moderators were banned, as were a lot of members.

A new forum was formed at AVForum.co.za, (no S at the end) I joined there as, in my opinion, the ethics of the new owners at the old place leaves a lot to be desired.

I was a very active member at the old forum, and so on the new forum as well. Have a look if you inclined.



and their bots… a lot of them. I still need to post on the new forum, just a bit busy this side.

A few hundred bots yes. Another puzzle over there, when not a member there and a guest, you can only see the first post, nada else. But oh boy, there are hundreds od guests viewing that site as well??? Jaaa bout.


been of AVForums for years, became pretty crap a year or two ago haven’t purchased anything on there for ages and used to buy and sell stuff often.