HI All from die Oos Rand

Hi All,

New to the forum, i live in Benoni and have reading the forum for a while now and have eventually decided to ramp up my knowledge of the renewable & backup sector!

Im in Construction and own my own small construction company and im also a commercial Contracts Manager. Im very hands on and love tinkering hence my interest in this entire forum!

Ill post some pics of the things ive done soon. I have a PV setup with a 5KVa inverter with 15 x Panels and battery, ive also recently installed a backup water system all DIY with a DAB esybox pump.

Look forward to chatting and learning, especially on the electronic and electrical side as this interest me although i know extremely little but hopefully i can learn some things from everyone here!

Look forward to the mingling.


Sounds like you will fit right in. :wink:

Welcome @Denz

Yip, you will fit right in - Welcome

Jy het vriende in Swede, ek het vriende in Benoni!

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Haha, jy weet dit!!

Thank you!

Looking forward to learning!

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