Hi all. From a old but new member

Hi all.

I am new to this forum but not new to the industry. I am the developer of SMH which a lot of people use. I was part of another forum many years ago that I will not name that was very toxic so I decided to remove myself from those forums. I am not here to fight, I am just here to see what is going on and maybe discuss some ideas I have to add to SMH going forward. Have a super day.

Jaco Fourie aka TinkerBoy.


Welcome, Jaco Fourie. :smile:

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Welcome, a few on here were over there some time ago, and left from there. This is a cool place in comparison!


This has got to be the most focused forum on RE in Africa. Sadly it doesn’t attract the regular RE wannabe despite zero criticism of a genuine question.
What appears to happen in forum culture is that people stick to the one they know. (It’s like moving into a new neighborhood and once people get to know you you hang in there :smile: )