HELP : Registered Fronius Solar installer Solar-SOS service password reset


I need help with a service password reset on my Primo. I cannot get into the datamanager settings. Apparently it can be done by a registred installer via the Solar-SOS website. Using the “Recovery Keyfunction in Fronius Solar.SOS, you can generate the unlock code to reset the Customer & Technician password of your device. PM me if you can help.


I went through this process recently. I found I was able to register myself as a installer on Solar-SOS but that doesn’t solve the problem as you also need to the be Installer who is associated with the Unit itself. I solve my challenge of needing to reset my service password by contacting a local Fronius Reseller who assisted in deleting the unit from Fronius Web. This in turn allowed me to register myself as the installer and then using Solar-SOS I could reset the service password. Hope this helps.

Hi. I managed to get into my unit by using a default password that apparently some installers use, fortunately it worked. Else alternatively I would have had to follow your route.

Hi, could you tell me what the password is supposed to be? I got a guy from sunboost install mine, and he’s always too busy, I just want to set up my battery.

@plonkster or @JacoDeJongh could assist.

No sure if the password on a public forum is the best idea …

I think I have gotten passwords in the past. I don’t think there is a universal password.
It was a while back when I was buying second-hand inverters. I think I emailed them directly telling them it was a second-hand unit, and gave them serial numbers.
I might be confused with SMA inverters which I also bought used.
But, that is where I would start.
Fronius certainly has good after-sales service and will get back to you lickety-split.

Sorry, there is no universal password for Fronius, not that I know of. A recovery key has to be generated by either Fronius, or someone with access to that system (I assume some installers/resellers will have it).

You can also enable the AP (access point) of the inverter from the LCD on the front, connect to the AP of the inverter directly, and then you can access the web interface, which will allow at least changing Wi-Fi connection details, but I am unsure if that will allow resetting the admin and service passwords.