HELP : Registered Fronius Solar installer Solar-SOS service password reset


I need help with a service password reset on my Primo. I cannot get into the datamanager settings. Apparently it can be done by a registred installer via the Solar-SOS website. Using the “Recovery Keyfunction in Fronius Solar.SOS, you can generate the unlock code to reset the Customer & Technician password of your device. PM me if you can help.


I went through this process recently. I found I was able to register myself as a installer on Solar-SOS but that doesn’t solve the problem as you also need to the be Installer who is associated with the Unit itself. I solve my challenge of needing to reset my service password by contacting a local Fronius Reseller who assisted in deleting the unit from Fronius Web. This in turn allowed me to register myself as the installer and then using Solar-SOS I could reset the service password. Hope this helps.

Hi. I managed to get into my unit by using a default password that apparently some installers use, fortunately it worked. Else alternatively I would have had to follow your route.