Heatpump keypad protocol

Have anyone tried talking to a heatpump using the keypad connection.
My Kwikot HP has a 4 wire keypad which I assume is some sort of UART like RS232 or RS485.

I would like to replace my keypad with a hookup to Home Assistant or NodeRed to control. So far my request for the comms spec from Electrolux have not been successful.

Have you tried to phone them? My emails were ignored, but a phone call got me to their technical specialist in minutes.

I did get a reply within 24h. It was just not a positive reply :frowning:

> our control system is fully automatically, so currently it doesn’t have this function, I’ll reflect it to the engineer to see if we could improve it in the future

I did reply to ask for the protocol only, thinking my explanation in the original mail might have been misunderstood for a request for a feature.

This is code for “we import from China and have no idea!”

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