Heat pump controllers

That’s pretty cool. Not to hijack, but it there anything like this for heatpumps? They all seem to have the same display (4 wires) but no-one knows what the protocol is…

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My heatpump also seem to use a generic controller unit, but I could also not find any information about it anywhere. I got myself a Logic Analyzer, but have not yet had the time to play with it to try and figure out the control protocol.

If that endevor does not work then adding and external relay board with temp sensor to the heatpump power was the next option.

My Heat Pump hack…

Have a Geyserwise on our Xtreme Geyser (2kW element). Also have 3kW Heat Pump.

Installed a change over switch which routes power from the Geyserwise to the element or to the Heat Pump. We only use the heat pump for hot water, element is a backup. Been running like this for over a year now without issue.

Just ordered a Sonoff TH Elite 20A and a DS18B20 sensor to control the heat pump. If the Geyserwise plays up and i’m not around, the wife gets real grumpy…


I’m trying to get the temperature reading and On/Off instruction into Home Assistant… Everywhere I see, people have only managed that with an additional probe, or with a Geyserwise.

As far as I can tell, no-one has successfully integrated with a heatpump?

Have not touched HA at all other than some superficial reading… this upgraded Sonoff TH 20A Elite is based on ESP32 which I recall was referenced in some of the literature, so… is this a possibility…

I have no idea but this article suggests it might be possible and i’m sure someone will give it a bash…


Know my approach is not what you are looking for but for me, it’ll will suffice for now… maybe Louis can work some magic in the not to distant future…


I’m still in the research phase, don’t even have the heatpump, so exploring that avenue first, but it might come down to something simpler that just works :slight_smile:

I have an ITS heat pump which was installed about 10 years ago, there is a controller board at the pump with model code CC395-V1.0. This board of mine is faulty for a few years now, it loses its settings after a power cycle (loadshedding included) and the default temp then needs to be changed everytime. The control panel has a separate battery for time and schedules so that is fine. ITS quoted R1236 excluding VAT and courier for a board replacement, there was no WiFi option.
On Alibaba I found this ELECHICO CC570N “Wifi Tuya” heat pump controller and a few similar which seem to have all the same inputs and outputs of the existing controller, I’m just not sure about the EE valve connection, if there are different types. It’s under R700 before shipping for 1 unit, that’s the controller board and panel with WiFi option, think it’s worth a try, just don’t want to break a perfectly functional heat pump lol. Is there anything sensitive about heat pumps I should be cautious of?


In case you are still looking - I just installed a new ITS heap pump and the controller supplied by default was Wifi and Tuya enabled. It may be worth contacting them again.


Thanks, could you share the model number of the controller yours came with? There should be a wiring diagram somewhere with the manual.
I actually received the CC570N controller from China not too long ago, still need to install it though. It has different terminations and it came with 7 temperature probes, though hopefully the old temp probes can be reused. So far I’ve just powered it up and tested to Home Assistant. The shipping was more expensive than the controller, so it came to around R2k3 in the end, so maybe worth checking if ITS can do a retrofit instead.

Hope this reply isn’t too late…
There isn’t much data from the heat pump serial comms. It doesn’t indicate if its running if in remote mode. The TOD switch is simple so not much use. Rather treat it like a geyser element and control it externally and monitor temperatures on another system.

It looks like the controller is a DR005 V2.3 but I cannot find any reference to it.

Here is the wiring diagram.

Busy trying to get it to talk to HA but it is not natively supported.

The problem I have with that solution is that the old controller is faulty and doesn’t remember settings if you switch it off/on, so it needed a new controller anyway, thought may as well add wifi. The sensors and switches available were quite limited but it will at least allow me to switch off the heat pump during loadshedding (we have the whole house on an 8kW inverter now, no non-essential loads), and maybe turn up the setpoint temp if there is excess solar.

Yeah I can’t find anything online about a “DR005” heat pump controller, functionality looks pretty much the same as my CC570N, I’m just missing high/low fan speeds, only have on/off.

You should be able to use Local Tuya or Tuya Local available in HACS for HA integration, and then the Tuya IoT platform will help determine which settings/sensors are available with their associated IDs.

Yes - busy with Tuya Local now. MVP = on/off with a set_temperature would be a great start…