Had enough, I’m out

Just had enough already, time to quit.

PS, happy Aprils fools :astonished:

On that topic. Last night I was a tad too tired to do this, but I was really considering writing something up about a new Tesla model with a petrol range extender… for African markets.


Now that would have been priceless :angel:t2:


I tried this one last year, did not work.

Hoe het iemand gister gese. Ek drink nie meer nie, net 'n klein bietjie minder. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve had enough … not going to renew our Mariage License …

I actually saw no really sharp jokes by big companies this year, all attempts was quite lame.
I guess many simply don’t have the time and money anymore, since I know in the past some big guys actually spent big money on April fools, ultimately it’s marketing.