GX Firmware v2.92

I’ve updated recently to the latest GX firmware version. Just logged on to the GX device and I see now that there’s an indicator “Ext. control” on the inverter.

Is this just a new feature of the firmware and nothing really changed (meaning the inverter is controlled externally by the GX device)?

It’s “call a spade a spade”.

With ESS (nope, CANBMS battery, see below) the MP is externally controlled, so now it admits it instead of pretending it’s doing Bulk / Absorption / etc.

Otherwise it’s the same. There’s the new Large options from 2.90+ though, so depends on where you’re coming from.

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Thanks! I thought as much.

Was coming from 2.89. Doubt I’ll go to a large version anytime soon. Have no plans to learn NodeRed. :sweat_smile:

Tiny correction. It’s because he has a “managed battery”, a battery that controls the charge voltage and current via the CAN-bus. So the Multi is externally controlled (by the CAN-BMS battery).

If you run an ESS system with lead acids or some other kind of BMS, for example the VE.Bus BMS in my system, then you still get Bulk/Absorb/Float on the screen.

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From what I recall inverter firmware, you only update if you need to, but for GX devices, should they be kept up to date?

@calypso Indeed update the GX on a regular basis.



My rule of thumb is anything that is internet-connected (at all) should be up to date at all times as its an easy target for attackers. (See Mikrotik botnet 2018, and again something in 2021 – and they’re actually a great company, not really a reflection on them.)

And then I update the rest when I have a problem, or they no longer want to talk to the internet-connected thing.

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Correct. That’s also Victron’s recommendation for Inverters. From VRM: Remote firmware update [Victron Energy] :

There is a lot that can be said about firmware updating:

  • Newer is not always better

  • Don’t break it if it works

They can all be true. Therefore: use this feature with care.

Our main advice is to not update a running system, unless there are problems with it.
Change logs can be downloaded from Victron Professional.

Being a bit of a nerd I like updating firmware for some reason, but I’ve learnt with some things it is best to look at the change notes especially for something like the Victron inverters. I recently saw an update to v498 is available (I’m on v497), but then I went and read the release notes:

August 24, 2022
• Update UK gridcode (G98/1 Amendment 6, G99/1 Amendment 8)

As easy as updating the firmware is now there’s absolutely no reason for me to go to this version.

100% agree.

Just to add for clarity. In a Victron setup the GX would be the internet connected device. Inverter, MPPT etc. are all behind it and only connects to the GX.