GX Firmware 2.60

After being enticed to upgrade my firmware, I am now looking through the ESS menu and see that the options have changed a little.

I was wondering how the “Grid metering” menu item operates. If I set it to “Inverter/Charger”, would it prevent backfeed on AC-In?

Also, I see “Grid feed-in” now leads you to a sub-menu. I assume both AC-coupled PV and DC-coupled PV feed in excess should be off (in the South African normal use case)? The default option seems to have AC-coupled PV feed in excess on. That would probably anyways only matter in the case of a Fronius setup?

I did set mine like that, yes. Should not matter if you do not have AC-PV.

I suspect only the Grid Feed-in options will prevent feed-in.

So if I want to prevent the PV being used in the rest of the house (none critical also) I will need to disconnect the energy meter, not just tell the GX there isn’t one?

Oh sorry. I miss read.

You are talking about feedback not to the grid, but to the rest of the house before you energy meter.
I don’t know that answer. Change it and test :slight_smile:

Haha the reason I asked is because it is a while before any non critical stuff comes on. I’ll just go and turn on the oven when I’m done with work and see what happens.

All that happened is the “Grid meter installed” switch was replaced with a more descriptive option list that explains more clearly what happens.

All this does is determine whether the external meter is zeroed, or if the Multi’s input is zeroed. It is possible to zero the input of the Multi even though you do have a grid meter installed (eg, for people who want to measure the whole consumption of the house, but don’t want to push power back to a geyser or a whatever on the input side…).


Hi guys,

This morning I picked up on an issue with my setup concerning this firmware version 2.60 and DVCC.

I first noticed it when I saw on the dashboard the following:

ESS #1
ESS #2

Now I remember reading something that Plonkster said to TTT that the # indicates some sort of issue.

Searching further I see that my system says - Discharged disabled

Searching even further I come across the flashing ! triangle with warning sign and I go to the notifications tab to see if any alarms went off.

Error message says - System warning. DVCC with incompatible firmware #48

What does this mean and how do I fix it? Should I be worried?

See here: https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/47374/dvcc-with-incompatible-firmware-48.html

Check inverter firmware version. Mine is:

Latest release notes for firmware versions:

I see I have firmware version 476 on the Multi

I suppose new ones are available?

Aaaah I see there is a 477. Thinks this will solve my issue? Trying to figure out how to load images on here.

Nope, won’t make any difference, as my 474 works perfectly, and 477 pertains to a country code, Other, that has no bearing on you as you should be on SA NRS code.

I also see your other devices are up to date:

Let the other heavy weights weigh in on this excellent question.

I wish that infernal check was never added…

A firmware check is easy, right? You just check the number against some known good one, right? Not! No… sometimes the firmware version is not available yet. OK, easy fix, right? Just skip the check if the firmware version is null? Not! Sometimes you just get completely spurious data… for 2 seconds… usually at 4AM in the morning, and then it goes away immediately so it cannot be debugged later… only to show up again two weeks later!

Welcome to the frustrations of a software developer. You know why I don’t believe in Macro evolution? Simple… mutations always cause sh*t to break… not the other way round.

Ou maat, jy kon nou net sowel Grieks met my gepraat het hahaha.

Hoekom is daar nie emojis op hierdie site nie?

What has transpired since, is that the ESS1# & ESS2# has gone away, and the battery says self consumption again.

But the warning message remains.

#1 and #2 are not errors. They are “reason codes”. It tells you why the system is currently not making any power. #1 simply says the battery is low. #2 says BatteryLife is active (that reminds the user that discharge may have stopped at a higher point than MinSoc because BatteryLife mandated it). They are not errors, they are there to stop people asking “Why isn’t it working!??:skull::skull::skull::skull::fist:”.

If you go to the notifications page and just hit the right button on the notification, the triangle top right will go away. It is an intermittent warning that shows up… which frustrates the heck out of me. I can attach a timer to it (only raise warning if it has been active for some seconds) but I hate complicating stuff because other stuff misbehaves… and having timers that need to be cancelled adds more room for more bugs…

ESS Codes on the screen, bottom center of screen:
#1 - Battery Low
#2 - Battery Life Active
#3 and #4 - has to do with BMS signals,
#5 - slow charge,
#6 - user set the max charge power to zero
#7 - user set the max discharge power to zero

What screen? The Dashboard? I cant find those codes.

They appear here, as per your screen dump:

Yes that I saw. But I got the impression from you that there is a list of all those codes with explanations as to what they mean available somewhere?

Thank you, the triangle went away.

Should I be concerned about this message though? Just ignore it? Not sure exactly what DVCC does for me, but if I look at the sub menus, it looks important enough not to turn it off.

Yes, ignore it. False positive.

DVCC = Distributed Voltage and Current Control. It means the battery calls the shots (it specifies the charge voltage and current limits) and the rest of the system obeys that request. The old legacy stuff is still around and to keep things backwards compatible, DVCC will be left off in such (usually off-grid) systems. But for all new systems… DVCC is the way. For many batteries it will be forcibly enabled (to cut down on people setting it up wrong and bothering support about it… :slight_smile: ).

On this note: Are their other status codes…
I see a 10 on my GX for : N/c0847dba45ba/settings/0/Settings/CGwacs/BatteryLife/State

@plonkster Do you have a list of these as I am mapping them in node-red for my dashboard?