Growwatt 6K DVM and Big battery 48v condor issue

With the items listed in the description i am having issues. i need help with some settings and cant seem to find answers anywhere. right now my bulk charge is set to 55.6 and my float is set to 50. those settings are the only way i can get the battery to idle at 100% and use solar as the primary to power my (off grid) house. the issue is that it keeps switching between charge and discharge a majority of the time it does this at 100%. next is the equalization settings. no clue how to set them up and don’t have a solar guy/ company that can come out.

When your battery is full the PV will be shut down until the energy is required. Your system will then ramp up the MPPT to get the power from the PV.
You inverter takes some time to ramp your MPPT PV source up or down. So what it does is it will use your battery as a power source to supply the load until the PV has caught up. Same when shutting down.

So it is normal for your battery to charge/discharge when full.

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On your older cheaper PWM charge controllers, I suppose the pickup was instant. The solar charger only needs to do voltage control and that is a simple linear process that acts almost instantly.

With MPPTs, of course, it has to search for the maximum power point, and that takes time. While it searches, the battery will support the load.