Growatt pylontech settings


Can someone knowledable share the connections and settings for a growatt spf 5000tl hvm-p inveter and pylontech up5000 battery.

Neither inverter or battery manuals are very clear on which port on battery side is used and wither it connects to the BMS or RS485 on the Inverter.

The inverters manual has nothing on any if the extra settings that needs settings after lithium is selected under option 05.

Thank you

I used to have a Growatt, never got it to communicate with my battery (wasn’t Pylontech), but I do recall that the pinout on the communication cable needs to be very specific. Not standard straight.

Do you have a cable that the supplier confirmed would work?

The battery came with a pylontech comm cable but the more I read the more it appears to be a hit and miss based on inverter model or formware build… I’ve not been able to narrow down what the supposed cable pinout is supposed to be

The cable that comes with the battery is rarely of any use at all.

You need to find out if your inverter even supports communications with a battery.

Then you need to find out if it is CAN-bus or RS485 comms.

If it is CAN-bus comms, then you need to find out which port does that on each device (it is quite obvious on the pylontech battery), and you have to work out which pin is CAN-L, CAN-H, and ground. Then make a cable that connects those. The pin-out for Pylontech is readily available online (though note that the ground pin has moved on the later models).

If it is RS485, then the same applies. Find port, find pin for ground, data + and data -. Link together.

There are also some “custom” solutions out there that puts a box in the middle, talks to the Pylontech battery on the “console” port (which is RS232 TTL serial), and then talks to the inverter on a different port. I think they call that product SMH (solar management hub) and @CenturionSolar is the guy to talk to about that.

I got it to work as follows:

Growatt SPF 5000TL HVM-P (build 500.07/002.03/null) together with Pylontech up5000.

*I did not update the firmware for my inverter but apparently, 500.07/002.03/null is the minimum required version for the inverter to enable BMS comms to work between the inverter and batteries.

  1. Inverter to run off battery only. Disable A/C input and A/C output and PV input.

  2. Go to setting 5 and select battery type = Li. Then select profile L02 (This is specifically for Pylontech batteries). Push ESC to return to the home screen. Go back to setting 5 and verify that it was saved as Li.

  3. Now shut down the inverter (wait for the display to die) and switch off the batteries with the red switch

  4. Connect the communications cable between the inverter and the battery

I made up a Cat5 cable as follows:

Inverter Side
Pin 1 White\Orange
Pin 2 Orange
Pin 3 White\Green

Battery Side
Pin 6 - GND White\Green
Pin 7 - RS485A Orange
Pin 8 - RS485B White\Ornage

Cut the remaining\unused wires off

  1. Connect cable on battery side to the port labeled - B/RS485
  2. Connect cable on inverter side to the port labeled - BMS port
  3. Set your Baud rate to 9600. Dipswitches 1 0 0 0 (1-ON 2-OFF 3-OFF 4-OFF)
  4. Switch on your batteries followed by the inverter. If all is well the inverter will come on with no beeping or fault-led light. You’ll also see a “Li” indicator next to the battery icon.
  5. Can also check settings 12, 13 & 21. These will now be displayed as percentages and no longer voltage.
  6. Restore AC and PV connections

If communication is down the inverter’s fault red led with be lit and it will beep continuously. You’ll see flashing error 20, 04 on the display. You might also see a “Li” indicator next to the battery icon flashing as well.

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Do you see the SoC of the battery accurately displayed by die inverter? I recall getting mine to seemingly work, but the inverter never actually communicated and the SoC reported was always increments of 25%.

Yes. I’ve been keeping a close eye since making the changes yesterday and my % steps down and back up normally in singel digits. So far everything appears to be working fine.

Awesome! Very glad you got it working.

I would like to add Growatt Pylontech BMS will only work with ONE group of Pylontech batteries.

After hours of researching and trying I eventually found the answer on Amosplannet. Amos works with Growatt in South Africa. Thanks Amos!

I had two groups of three Pylontech US2000C connected in parallel to two Growatt SPF5000 es inverters also in pararell. The CAN cable pin to pin (Pin 4 CAN H, Pin 5 CAN L, Pin 6 Gnd) would only work when I changed my two groups of 3 to one group of 6 batteries.