Grid voltage too high?

It looks like the grid AC to so high voltage that the inverter decided to disconnect it.
Anyone else seen something like this?


First, confirm with a second meter.
The ZA grid code is based on the frequency and voltages that your supplier is contractually obligated to supply.
That is why you are not permitted (or also restricted) to deviate from these tolerances either.
In this instance, your supplier is deviating from their contractual obligations and should rectify the situation.
A situation, I was involved with, involved low voltages subsequently causing fridge motor burnouts at a funeral parlor. The owner had been pestering the utility for months for some remedial action and had been ignored.
I advised him to request a measuring recorder on his supply. Which you are entitled to do.
This actually didn’t happen, but they did sort his voltage out very soon afterward.

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My multimeter measures it a bit lower at 251V

The MultiPlus also show 251V now and it has reconnected the grid. So it looks like it was just a temp issue for now.
Yesterday the main breaker tripped and we depleted the battery without realising it and I think the trip might be related.
I will be watching it a while to make sure.

No, I don’t think so. Heat is related to current.
The grid code imposes the following protection:

I imagine that can cause quite a big stink.

Bah dum tish!

Ah OK. That was what I though that the grid code would have some spesific cut-off. So above 253V will trigger it (which it did again and now recovered again)

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This is not good … if more and more people start reporting it, that is.

I haven’t seen the voltage THAT high here in CoCT. It does however look higher than what the inverter keep it at during a loadshedding session.

Inverter averages 231v when off-grid during a loadshedding session, and then when on eskom you can see it is anything from 232v to 241v.

237 - 246.5v here by me, according to Victron portal data.

Between 11:00 and 12:00 my inverter applied it’s own loadshedding.

I would log it like Phil says. That seems pretty clear that the voltage is too high and the inverter is disconnecting based off the grid code.

I vaguely remember a post about over or under voltage which was due to something specific to the street / block and they fixed it at the mini sub / pole, vaguely, like I said. Not sure if this is maybe something on their side not playing nicely after being switched off / on too frequently.

I know with City Power you have a “Power Quality issue” that you can log, not sure if you have something similar.

They move your transformer tap to a lower one.


I logged a ticket. Lets see what happens.

Same thing happened to me when I setup my first Victron MP a couple of years ago.

I could not understand why the MP kept on changing from grid to inverter mode, until @plonkster asked me to check the grid voltage and it was running about 257v. I temporarily ran my grid code on ‘other’ until the muni sorted it out. (The muni took months…)

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Seeing it quite often lately. On a few of my sites. 2 two of them thei mini subs were replace after they blew up. Guess they installed new ones without checking the taps…

The power supply in my area has been fixed :slight_smile:.
Municipality phone earlier to ask if I still have a problem. When I checked I saw they fixed it yesterday just around 8:45am after I logged the ticket the day before.



I guess you live in the WC? Correct?


Yup. Mossel Bay

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Now look at that… :wink: