Grid lost notification

What is the best way to get a notification of grid failure to my phone? In know you can enable this in the Venus software, but I don’t want all the warnings - since this is “normal” in SA :neutral_face:

I just want to get a notification on my phone when grid power is lost. This could be via the VRM if there is such a function, or Home Assistant.

Node red (or homeassistant) with a telegram bot.

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I have the monitor for grid failure switched on in Venus. I then get a push notification from the VRM app along with an email when power goes off and when it recovers.
Yes, you get the warning logged, but it’s a quick and easy way to know when it’s out and when it’s back.

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That or send yourself a twitter message. There is also an SMS option in Node Red.

Done! Node-RED to WhatsApp. :+1:

Another question: If the site only has internet how can a message be sent when grid is lost??

By installing one of your awesome DC banks so the modem stays up. At which point, I suppose, it will have both internet AND backup :stuck_out_tongue:

Let Eli Stone from 4x4 come and ask the question here Richard. :slight_smile:

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