Goodwe weird Issue

For the past week, every morning at 2:35 am. I get an error! Once, the power actually dropped on the Essential side, all the other times, just an error logged.

It looks like a fridge or something is shorting, the IAC drops to zero, but the V and Frequency are still normal so the inverter does not go into “Utility Failure Mode” but just tries to draw the power from the batteries which are already at the minimum for on grid DoD.

Unfortunately I do not have an error number!

The Goodwe is not too good on error handling in that it does not alert one that there has been an error/Alarm.

Oh boy, welcome to Goodwe’s horrible error reporting. It has given me literal grey hair!

What software are you running on the inverter? Does the inverter trip or are you just seeing the faults? In the PV master app you can sometimes capture the fault under the Alarms tab. I can decode that number for you if you can get a screenshot

Hi, no I have not managed to get an error number yet.
I will end the file to Goodwe to investigate and then see what comes from that…

Last night, the first night since 21 Dec it did not register a fault!

Depending on your software version, you might be getting a lot if “DC present on AC” faults. That was a common issue for me on 1818A. There’s also an annoying “PV earth leak” fault that comes up every few weeks on my side. This causes the inverter to physically trip. Not sure I trust the fault, as I’m pretty sure the installation is ok (I’ve redone cabling). Thing is, I simply don’t trust the Goodwe error reporting; previous error reports sent me on wild goose chases where issues were directly related to firmware issues.

I’ve also had issues where the inverter would ‘overload’ at exactly 9:15 in the morning with crazy power consumption figures. This went away when the inverter’s AC wave monitoring was turned off. That one also took weeks to figure out

Getting Goodwe support is nigh impossible

Im on 181812…Lets see if they upgrade to 2020…Im having issues with Escom power though as well, voltage fluctuations from 245-252 Volts depending on load…

Ok, 181812 is the same as 1818C (the ‘C’ part fixes the DC present on AC fault). You can also try to go to 50Hz default for country code, as opposed to South Africa. It loosens up the line level checking. And change your Detection Mode to off under Advanced. Those are the things that fixed most of my issues; that being said I’m not sure if those options are available in 1818 - if memory serves those options only became available when 2020 was loaded. Maybe just check and confirm?

Also, when in PV Master, go to the Parameters page and click on the Alarm button up top. You should see a list of alarms. Again, I can’t remember if the better granularity was only enabled in 2020 firmware.

So now it is more than a year later. Are you still running the Goodwe? Has the newer firmware and settings made it reliable? Would you suggest getting one for a non tech person (my brother in law)…? Or would you go for another brand?
@JacoDeJongh you mentioned that you did a course on Sunsync - what is your view on the brand now?

I am a Victron fan, but it is very expensive for a 3 phase 10kw system.

You are putting me in a bit of a tight spot here.

Sunsynk is my second option for installation while Goodwe is my second option in build quality.

In the course they admitted that their product can’t compete with Victron, and openly said that they are not trying to compete. They are building their units for a slightly different market.

To be honest, Sunsynk has some great functionality that I am really trying to convince Victron to add to their products…

Sunsync is not accepted everywhere and not too long ago there was some speculation that they might loose their NRs certification due to the fact that anyone could manually make changes to the Grid code settings without even a password to protect it.

Other than that, my blood remains blue…

A few months back, a couple of my suppliers had specials on these, some up to 50‰ off. Imo Sunsynk was taking over the market and the guys had to get rid of their stock… (I might be wrong)