Goodwe ES with Generator

Hi All

Considering what can happen this winter.

How would one go about incorporating a small generator with the Goodwe ES inverter.

Thanks in advance for your advice

Best would probably be to get something like this:

or the EG4 Chargeverter.

And charge the battery directly. I don’t know how the inverter will react to that though.

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@_a_a_a The mean well charger has peaked my interest.

I have a small 1200VA generator and I am keen to use it in case of emergency to charge my pylontechs. I am not keen on buying a larger gennie so a charger suitably sized would be ideal if slower to charge.

I had a look at the NPB-1200-48 and it requires 6.5A input current. Since the charging current is adjustable I should be able to dial it in nicely to get the most out of the generator and find the sweet spot on the charger.

Does anyone have experience with this charger used to charge pylontechs?

I have a couple of the 12V versions. What voltage are your batteries?

48 volts

The NPB-1200-48 is great but a bit pricey. Look at the smaller model as well:
Then if you’re like me you’ll seriously look at something like this: Used Bikes & Sports Equipment for Sale in Benoni | Gumtree
I don’t think this is going to sell easily so beat him down in price. (Check the specs first however :sweat_smile: )