Goeie dag almal, hier is 'n nuwe lid uit Nederland

Hello everyone, my name is Rik. I’m Dutch so I can read Afrikaans but the title in Afrikaans I looked up with google translate :wink:. English is not my native language but I’ll do my best.

I’ve been active a little on other forums as well like secondhandstorage, diysolarforum, and powerforum. The last one I was disappointed to see members been kicked off after being of great contribution to that forum. Anyway now I’m here.

I’m building a battery at the moment. It will be 40 kWh and I would like to share the build with you and discuss the problems I will come across. In what section can I best start that topic?

Regards, Rik


Welcome Rik! I hope you have “een geweldige” time here!

Really interested to see your build. My suggestion would be to start it off in the batteries’ section. Jaco or Izak can always move it if they don’t like it there. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Baie welkom Rik.

Dag Rik. Toch Goed dat de talen zo op elkaar lijken! Leuk dat je er bent.

(Even after almost 4 years of working with Dutch people, I still need to consult a translator at times :slight_smile: ).

To be fair, some of us left in protest. We kicked ourselves :slight_smile:


To be honest, English isn’t a native language… My history books never mentioned that the pre-colonised countries spoke English… But they were written in English, makes one think!

(Above is a bad joke, so please accept it under the worst dad jokes of the day category).

Would be great to see a 40kWh battery build!

We love builds. Especially if there are pictures involved :smiley:

HI Rik, glad you could make it, welkom hier…

Welcome Rik! What part of the Netherlands are you from? The Victron country :wink:

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Building your own battery! Now that would be something to see!

Welcome Rik, glad to have you here.

Thanks all for your warm replies. In the mean time I’ve been preparing my battery build a little. I will post it in the batteries section.

Midwoud, north of Amsterdam. It is a 20 minute drive from my home the the ring Amsterdam.

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So you’re not far from Almere then :slight_smile:

Well, technically by our standards, Germany isn’t far from where you are :stuck_out_tongue: