Go-Solar Electrical's future

Hi for those who dont know and for those who saw that I spend very little time on the forum, this is why.

A big company that I had dealings with for the last 18 months decided that they want to start a Solar division. One of the managers then said that he wont attempt entering this industry if I dont manage it for them. A few weeks back they made me a fairly big offer including profit share to help them. I could not refuse the offer as the issue with my daughter a while back, made me realise I can not spend 9 months a year on the road anymore.

To all my loyal and returning customers, please dont worry about this. Go-Solar Electrical will continue business as usual although our main office will move to Pretoria early December. We will continue supporting you and we will still take on new clients.

Most of my own energy will go into building the new division/company, but my office and teams are still available to work in the same manner as before. I just wont be driving everywhere anymore, but will still oversee the commissioning’s and might fly to site when its required.

Building this business requires a lot of meetings with suppliers / developers / and the stakeholders of the new company. If by any change I dont answer my phone, or dont respond immediately, I will reply as soon as I can.

Thanks for all the loyal customers.

I will keep all updated on any change in company (Go-Solar Electrical) contact details as well as the progress of the new company. We will mainly concentrate on distribution and hope to have a total basket solution for installers and the Public before end of November. The online shop and web page might take a little longer, but we are working hard on getting everything in place…


Best of luck in your new venture!

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Sounds exciting, good luck with the new chapter Jaco.

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Congratulations! You’ve worked very hard to earn the recognition and trust.

Exciting stuff! Looking forward to seeing what comes from it!

Nice. Enjoy the venture.
All the best.

Did the unbrick software worked any miracles.
Mine said
Connected but nothing else happening.
Assume you still have contacts with Pylontech to guide you.

Its a year later and I revive this old post.

Sitting here with a red face, telling the whole world that this was easily the worst decision I have ever made in my life. I thought I can can successfully be part of two companies, but all i did was neglecting my own business I have spend years building.

From 1 Feb, I will be back in Go-Solar Electrical full time, trying to pick up the pieces and rebuilding the company that gave me so much joy and satisfaction.

Sincere Apologies to anyone I neglected or did not get to in the last 15 months.

Hope to be of service and give my unattended attention to anyone that might need my assistance in the future.


All the best Jaco :+1:

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In a way, I suspect it will also bring back some of the peace you lost. Good luck my friend.

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Welkom terug! En Voorspoed


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En so loop elkeen van ons ons eie paadjies tot ons vind wat maak ons die gemaklikste, gelukkigste.

Alle voorspoed Jaco.

Die beste deel … jy is nou in Pta … soveel minder ry tot in die kaap! :rofl:

Next level … takke kry orals … jy die sentrale brein, die res die “hande” landswyd.

En dan figure jy slim maniere uit om remotely die mense by te staan waar hulle sukkel … dat jy nog minder hoef te ry?

I wish you all best Jaco…

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Sorry to hear the other venture didn’t work out (I assume). I don’t know the details but I don’t think you should be red-faced – we have to try new things!

I am also glad to have you in PTA and to have the old Jaco back :slight_smile:

Lunch is on me if you (and me for that matter) can find the time!