Go-Solar Electrical (PTY) LTD (Showcase)

After much deliberation, I decided to showcase some of our installations on here. Due to the bad publicity Victron received lately and the constant attacks they suffer on public groups and social media, I want to use this thread to specifically show Victron installations.

I will start with all the Victron installs from January and mostly from the time I am back in the company full-time.

10 Feb in Phalaborwa.

Client wanted a small system for his 1 Bedroom AirBNB in the back of his yard. We did install a Quattro solution for him 2 years back in the Main house.

We ended up offering him a 5kVa Multiplus 11 with 7kWh lithiums and 8 x 550w Longis on a ground mount.

This Client in Richards Bay opted for 2 x 10kVa Quattros, 32kWh BSL battery bank and 22 x 550w Longi’s on the roof.

His brother in Mtunzini opted for the following 2 systems as phase one.

Main House Phase one. 45kVa Quattros, 45kWh BSl battery bank, 24 550w Longis on the roof and a 450/200 MPPT. (Phase 2 = another 90kWh battery bank and another 40+ 550w panels.)

Bar area needed a nice feature and the customer opted for 2 x 5kva MP 11 as well as 1x7kwh BSl and 8 x 550w Panels as phase 1. (Phase 2 will add another 2 x 7kWh BSl as well as another 8 panels on the roof)

Darn it!! :wink:

We have sold another 20 Victron inverters, 16 on sites and four in the store waiting to be installed.

Another Completed Installation in Elardus Park Pretoria.

Multi RS with a 5kwh Aberdare BAttery as well as 6 x 550watt panels on the roof. This client use about 10 kwh per day and actually had no real need for Solar except to avoid load shedding. We had to ensure that there would be some kind of ROI on her purchase and therefore added the 6 panels. Initial request was only for a battery backup.

@JacoDeJongh - how do you configure this so that the inverter does not overload the battery? It seems like a 1C battery, but the inverter can go up to 7kW?

Sorry answered on the wrong system. Driving, will answer when I stop

@JacoDeJongh - how do you configure this so that the inverter does not overload the battery? It seems like a 1C battery, but the inverter can go up to 7kW?

I’m likewise very interested in the feedback on this :pray:

Because I believe the idea is, should the inverter fail somehow it could potentially pull all 7kw (145A) from the battery bank?

Morning. I forgot to answer. Ran around to much the last two days. This decision was purely based on the load profile. This client is a single persone using 10kwh per day with absolute minimum use during night times. Heavy loads during daytime never exceeding 4.2kw. Timers on Geyser to ensure daytime draw. Baseload in home below 300w. The client wanted something small to start with planning to upgrade if needed. Was interested in an 8kva sunsynk but the Victron was cheaper. This is not optimal but works perfectly in this case.

Decision was based on budget, low consumption and the duel converter in the RS. With higher loads in daytime and the fact that the RS can supply power from the panels as well as the battery at the same time, we dicided that the risk of exceeding the 1c rating of the battery is extremely low.

If the client exceeded 5 kwh in consumption, we would have opted for a 7 kwh 1c battery.

Latest installation in Centurion.

Residential installation, 20kVa Inverter power, 50kwh battery storage and 22kwp on the roof.

Starting with a little bit bigger installation for the same client tomorrow morning.


@JacoDeJongh , if I may suggest a thought, look at the grey trunking.

It “fits” the blue better than the white.
If you can have a black backboard …

Use it, or not, that is me going next level. blue, grey, and black.

Do you have a busbar for the battery/inverter connections? I don’t see a DC Combiner box?

On the next install, I will take a picture while the trunkings are still open. I build my busbar into the 100 x 100 trunking. One for the positive and one for the negative.

I guess you are referring to the PV combiner box. Its to the right of the second Fronius. Three on top of each other. Five strings currently with space for a 6th.

Will try that. Ill see if i can find some. In the meantime I should consider employing a painter or spray painter to change this white into gray… :crazy_face:

No I see this but I have a DC box with my busbars for Batteries, Inverters and MPPT’s. Looks smooth.

Black trunking would be interesting as well with black conduit, etc. AND @TTT wants blue LED lighting…

Mine is mounted inside the trunking. Will send pics from install we started today.

@mmaritz . Here is what we do on medium size installs.

I might receive a lot of crit for it, but we found this way to be easy to work with and reliable. One for positive and one for negative about 1 meter apart. Wires per parallel inverter sets remains symmetrical and slack looped in the 100 x 100 mm trunking.

This is a 1000Amp busbar with 900Amp possible draw from the system and 50mm square cables to each inverter.


That looks sweet… Lots of space! :slight_smile:

I love that!!!

Have a similar approach.

  1. Busbars in the combiner box,
  2. Busbars in the battery box,
    … it simplifies matters immensely. Easier to connect, safer, cleaner, and precise.